Medea, National theatre – Or when revenge is anything but sweet

Medea which combines both filicide and fratricide is not for the faint hearted. In this production of Euripides’ play, Helen McCrory is the spurned wife who will go to extreme lengths to avenge herself. Ben Power’s adaptation is set in today’s Greece and the dialogue is both precise and extremely moving. The play begins with […]

King Charles III, Almeida Theatre – To reign (really), or not to reign, that is the question

The start of Mike Bartlett’s new future history play is very promising and moody, with a beautiful candle lit procession accompanied by spiritual chanting.  I wish I could say that it’s all uphill from there on.  To attempt to portray the current royal family is always fraught with difficulty.  Some writers succeed while others fail […]

The Weir, Donmar Warehouse – A touching and melancholy work of humanity.

If you are anything like my theatre companion and put off by the kind of Irish theatre where women moan about their fickle drunkard husbands who spend their entire pay slip at the local pub then this play is for them.  It is Irish and men drink but there ends the similarities.  The Weir, by […]