A Small Family Business, National Theatre – When thieves, blackmailers, adulterers and criminals unite!

When the National Theatre decided to resuscitate Alan Ayckbourn’s comedy, first staged a few months before 1987’s Black Monday, they must have thought they were in for a sure thing.  After all, the play did nicely the first time around and is a comment on greed, the pervasive scamming and fraud in Britain and our […]

Drawing The Line, Hampstead Theatre – 1947 and blood on our hands.

Howard Brenton is back at the Hampstead Theatre with his latest play, Drawing The Line, a broad account of the partition of India in 1947.  Cyril Radcliffe, a British judge, chosen for his lack of knowledge about India is sent to draw the line that will divide the Indian subcontinent between Hindus and Muslims.  With […]