The Nether, Royal Court Theatre – Not utopia after all

Jennifer Haley’s new play The Nether takes us into a very believable future world where most people live online.  In the Nether, students attend classes online, people tend virtual gardens (I assume because we have killed all vegetation) and some have even elected to live on life support to remain permanently connected to their avatar […]

Bring Up The Bodies, RSC – Mantel Marathon is an exhilarating rendering of Thomas Cromwell

If you didn’t know better you’d be remiss to think that royals of old used to spend most of their time hunting, as in the space of six months I have seen two dead stags brought on stage after a successful hunting party – first in Sam Mendes’ King Lear and now in Bring up […]

Quick Suggestion – Book The Nether at the Royal Court, July 2014

The Royal Court has announced its new season and one play stands out for me.  The Nether by Jennifer Haley which was the winner of the 2012 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize.  The play, created by the Center Theatre Group, premiered to rave reviews in Spring 2013 at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Los Angeles.  According to the Royal […]