My Night with Reg , Donmar Warehouse – Or Reg’s nights with all his friends

It’s been twenty years since My Night with Reg was first produced at the Royal Court Theatre but the drama remains touching and funny in equal measure. The play explores the lives of a group of gay men in the mid-80s as they navigated the early years of the AIDS epidemic. The men meet in Guy’s […]

Fathers and Sons, Donmar Warehouse – Or what happens when you are 20 and think you will change the world

This 1987 adaptation by Brian Friel’s of Ivan Turgenev’s 1862 Russian novel has all the charm of a Chekov evening.  We are yet again in a remote provincial dacha where Nikolai Kirsanov, a Russian landowner, awaits the return home of his prodigal son who his studying at university in St Petersburg. Arkady arrives with his […]

Privacy, Donmar Warehouse – I’m watching you! Yes, you!

What is privacy in an age where we advertise our lives online to anyone and sundry? You might think that this does not concern you. After all, you’re no terrorist and (like my companion) you might not even have a Facebook account. But, if privacy means that you are not observed or disturbed by other […]

Donmar Warehouse Announces New Season – A tantalising choice of old and new

Mark your calendars.  The Donmar’s new season will be open for new bookings on November 26th and the tickets will sell quickly if the new line-up is anything to go by. First off, Josie Rourke, the Donmar’s Artistic Director, is giving us Peter Gill‘s Versailles, a new play which is set around the 1919 Paris […]