Mr. Burns, Almeida Theatre – Or why I would rather watch paint dry than sit through this amateurish and tedious piece of theatre

I have been ruminating for over 24 hours about this play and how I would review it. Should I go full frontal and let you know exactly what I think or should I let you in gently. In the end, I have decided to start with the worse.  Mr. Burns will most definitely be my […]

King Charles III, Almeida Theatre – To reign (really), or not to reign, that is the question

The start of Mike Bartlett’s new future history play is very promising and moody, with a beautiful candle lit procession accompanied by spiritual chanting.  I wish I could say that it’s all uphill from there on.  To attempt to portray the current royal family is always fraught with difficulty.  Some writers succeed while others fail […]

1984, Almeida Theatre – Are Airstrip One and perpetual war inevitable at this stage?

Headlong and Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company have joined forced to create a stage adaptation of Orwell’s famous dystopian oeuvre.  A disillusioned Winston Smith begins to write a diary while simultaneously a book club in the future ponders the book’s provenance and the loss of any historical facts about Smith following the downfall of Big Brother. […]

Thinking of Catching a Show in the Next Month – A few productions to consider

We are told there are two universal human certainties, death and taxes but I would add a third, diverging opinions.  As I ponder the choice of venues to recommend for a theatre outing I am reminded that what one likes, another despises, so like it or lump it, here are my picks of things to […]